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MCS Riders

Louis Niewald:

I ride to raise awareness and funds for local charity organizations.

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Aaron Brown:

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Andy Perigo:

I’m riding to help people who’ve experienced a tremendous loss due to circumstances outside of their control.

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John Hunter:

The opportunity to do something I love with great people for a great cause is an epic way to spend a week.

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Bradley Barton:

It is an honor to ride with other cyclists united to bring families home who have suffered tremendous adversity.

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Jerrod Hogan:

No one deserves to live in an abusive environment. I am honored to ride to provide safe housing for families impacted by domestic violence.

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Christina Williams:

I ride to remind myself to be grateful for everything I have and to give back to those struggling to live a better life.

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Tyler Swift:

JOMO Adventures organizes a fun event with a fantastic opportunity to give back to the communities where we live.

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Chris Hendricks:

Combining adventure, physical challenge, and charity is a win-win. I’m looking forward to doing what I can to support this great cause!

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Amber Hendricks:

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Troy Stovern:

I’m riding for a once in a lifetime adventure where I get to do 2 things I love – riding a bike and supporting a wonderful cause.

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Christy Caddy:

I’m riding to help other women and children have a better future. Looking forward to helping others again with this great cause.

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David Pryor:

This is a personal challenge for me and an opportunity to support a great cause.

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Daniel Valentine:

This is an easy decision. It’s a small sacrifice on all of our parts to fund a much needed, terrific cause.

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Suzanne Simek:

I ride because I know how powerless a family can feel in a violent situation. I ride to bring awareness to domestic violence.

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Andrea Rickard:

Because of Lafayette House I am able to do this ride, they helped me, now I get to help them! L. H. is awesome and they help so many!

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Evan Hardebeck:

This ride is a great way to raise money and awareness for a good cause while putting my abilities as a cyclist to the test.

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Chris Williams:

Hearing stories of the philanthropic satisfaction and adventure experienced by the JOMONOLA and MOJO riders, I was compelled to participate.

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Brad Ezell:

I enjoy helping local charities. Thanks to my buddy, Jerrod Hogan, for getting me involved in riding to make a difference.

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Eli Hicks:

I am riding not only because I love cycling, but to be with a group that shares the same interest as me for a cause. Together we can raise awareness and enjoy what we love simultaneously.

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Jennifer Peñate:

I am an avid volunteer at the Lafayette House. I will also be reporting live from the road on Action 12 News to keep viewers up to date.

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David Carey:

I ride for the less fortunate.

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Christopher Spencer:

I’m riding to support a great organization that truly helps women and children in need.

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